FC 250

FC 250

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FC 250 FI SERIES Steam generator: Production 250/260 Kg./h. Exempt from licensed driver, exempted. Built with the water pipe method connected with a lower collector for easily inspectable sludge deposition. TECHNICAL DATA. Heated Area: 6.5 sqm Operating pressure: 5 bar Steam Production: 250/260 k./h. Weight: 720 kg DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 950 x 1590 x 1350 H1 1820 OPTIONAL Automatic unloading Automatic ignition PDF DATA SHEET Built with highly selected materials, thus offering the maximum guarantee of safety and quality. Heating with gas, diesel and derivatives that make it able to work with any burner. Equipped with centrifugal pump, automatic electrical panel according to EEC standards. Our generator is equipped with a steam superheater which allows to raise the thermal content and eliminate humidity. Possibility of creating a "uniblock" configuration, ie on a single base, together with the steam generator, burner, softener and condensate recovery tank. data sheet